Friday, December 8, 2017

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Is minor and friends are most regulatory authorities is neutral, in plain English is individual, after also may encounter similar problems, but there are responsibilities in, and dutiful, much contact after they have experience can make allowance for, so that it does not violate the red line, the somebody else not intentionally embarrass you. There is room in the middle of the line between attracting eyeballs and laws and regulations. It is best to do things to attract eyeballs without breaking the laws and regulations. But there are two problems with the media coverage: the information needs to be reviewed and the information is large. So this kind of thing is most suited to across the land, like the phoenix media or foreign media, not only because of audit through, because there are more persistent, moreover, the external pressure will be more easy to solve the problem, I don't want to worship things, make mischief, but on the domestic media slightly disappointed - do not believe you let the local media to report, west Mcm Bag hospital, in chengdu rejected a try, for the most part replica mcm backpack is to not to come out.

Talk about the job of trying to solve the problem. I think the problem of solving the problem is to be totally undecided, to specific to the problem and people. I think the key to the outbreak of this rejection is the comments and attitudes of liao zhilin. Beijing, xi 'an, Shanghai, chengdu... There are a lot of places. Why is this happening? It's not that the minister of propaganda is misspeaking. Therefore, it is right for her to criticize his microblog, which should be the first dao, and the second dao should be the doctor. You will tell huaxi hospital to refuse treatment, so large body quantity, you can't move, the other people in a block come down; Besides, there are so many doctors in huaxi hospital that not all of them refuse to be treated. You generalize and the hospital pressure is not very high. The pressure is proportional to the pressure, the area is inversely proportional to the area, and you reduce the area when you don't have enough power -- the specific thing and the person. Who refuses to call, replica mcm bags who discriminates, points out.

That's when online opinion can play a role. Rejected and discrimination really that the doctor character or knowledge level there is a problem, but no matter from professional or CongYiZhe kung, patients to find doctors like risk, let everyone know that the risk exists, the hospital not attitude, market (patients) also have attitude. Although Mcm Bag doctor-patient relationship is still in a strong position in the buyer's market, hospitals are in hot demand and do not represent doctors. So this will work.At this time, I was thinking of liao zhilin, the propaganda minister, who was able to curse netizens in his verified weibo account and made such inappropriate remarks, and the huaxi hospital was a disgrace.

Finally, I'd like to repeat what I said before. Mcm Backpack by not only security of body fluids, unsafe sex and mother-to-child transmission way is the most basic common sense, is in the process of treatment will have surgery in patients with these bleeding, come into contact with might be on the condition of the infection, but surgery operation

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