Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fake White Gucci Belt

Maybe it's the developer's office building. When he walks in, it's like he enters an apartment hotel. The two waiters at the front desk pick up a weird look at us. He's still content, and says, if you want to change jobs, I can introduce you to do it. Our front desk or secretary, wow, at the time of the economic crisis, this statement is very considerate. Press the elevator and go upstairs, after making a clean aunt, he hesitated: There is a bed in the lounge, but this is a bit wrong. So he opened the door to his daily office.

White Gucci Belt quickly learned about his situation. It is the company's technical director. The biggest hobby of amateurs is playing games. When they indulge in the early hours, they will simply sleep in the office and lay a quilt. So, in this arrangement the six cassette station, and 2 sofa chairs 1 coffee table in the office, but also with the crime conditions.

When he took out a large quilt from the bag underneath his work station and wanted to be in a secret corner, I said it would be better to place it on the open floor of the floor-to-ceiling windows. On the one hand, the space is easy to display, and on the other hand, the natural scenery outside the window, the green trees and the sky are integrated and it seems to be camping. Although it is a bright day, there may be no high-rise buildings on the other side, and there is no possibility of being peeped.

White Gucci Belt was still shy to dare to undress. I had already generously wrapped myself in the bed. This quilt was so large that it could cover two people. Followed by the popular process, stroking, touching, unwinding broadband. My face is facing the floor-to-ceiling window and I am smiling and smiling. Well, this field game is not bad. However, when the children are always looking at the scenery, they are still discussing the possibility of being his girlfriend. On the one hand, he cares about his performance and asks him how he feels uncomfortable. It's so good. On the one hand, he is very mindful that I don’t kiss him. . Oh, actually, I think he is a bit like ET , especially the bangs upright, forming a pyramid.