Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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It only compensates for material losses, Fake Gucci Belt not including mental damage, as well as compensation for death and disability, so one person will die and the compensation will be only tens of thousands of yuan. Such compensation, contrary to common sense, Fake White Gucci Belt is also contrary to civil law.

It is recommended that the Supreme Court revise the regulations as soon as possible so that the incidental civil compensation is consistent with the ordinary civil compensation and maintain the uniformity of the law. Obviously, replica gucci belt you can know the high-speed rail company's emboldened, never lose, to decide how much to lose, because you know how much you can't pay, and you mourn.

Attachment: The scope of compensation for incidental civil action.

The Supreme Court's Judicial Interpretation of Criminal Proceedings Article 155 of a judgment on an incidental civil action shall determine the amount that the defendant should compensate according to the material damage caused by the criminal act and the specific circumstances of the case. Where a criminal act causes personal injury to the victim, Fake Gucci Belt Sale it shall compensate for the reasonable expenses paid for treatment and rehabilitation, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, White Gucci Leather Belt and the income reduced due to lost work.

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